A Tentative Study of Cultural Ideology in English Textbooks for Higher Vocational Education

Title A Tentative Study of Cultural Ideology in English Textbooks for Higher Vocational Education

With the acceleration of world globalization trend, foreign culture indoctrinates forcibly and fully declares its Social values. It has great impact on our socialist ideology. English textbooks not only spread language knowledge but also carry more the western ideology. However, we usually neglect it. Meanwhile, due to the lack of objective language environment, foreign language teaching depends heavily on textbooks so that easily leads to blind obedience. It is urgent to improve the ability of critical reading to resist culture aggression.The paper chooses New Century English Integrated Course (Revised Edition) (abbreviated to NCEIC), published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press in 2006, as research object. It uses Fairclough’s three-dimensional framework of critical discourse analysis (abbreviated to CDA), combining content analysis, classified statistic and data analysis, to analyze the cultural ideology from background, theme and characterization.On the whole, NCEIC proves to be in conformity with the teaching standard of Basic Requirements of English Courses for higher vocational Education, but still has some deficiencies:(1) a few passages reflected ethic culture; (2) focus on city life; (3) information lags relatively; (4) no passages about agriculture and industry; (5) few passages carry the orientation of personal moral cultivation (6) professionals centered; (7) Man is superior to woman. On that basis, the paper puts forward several constructive ideas for teachers and students as well as provides the reference for the compilation of high vocational college English textbooks concurrently. Such as (1) adding the contents about ethic culture; (2) adding the contents related to country life to go civilian route; (3) adding the content reflected honor and disgrace concept of socialism; (4) elimination sexual discrimination; (5) improving the teachers’ ability and responsibility.The theoretical implication is to provide a means of “seeing behind language” Practically, by introducing CDA to English teaching, teacher helps students to strengthen their sensitivity to the ideology so as to set up their correct socialistic value in the crash of Eastern-Western culture.

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