Battle of Baekgang and Changes of Structure of Eastern Asia

Title Battle of Baekgang and Changes of Structure of Eastern Asia

Seventh century is a violently changing time for the East Asia.China was unified by the Sui Dynasty and then the action of Tang Dynasty to be a empire caused a a series of alleviate tension in the area.The relation between the three counties in the Korean Peninsula was becoming more and more intensfied.PaekChe who disobeyed the opinion from Tang Dynasty invaded western Shilla where there were forty cities.The situation in Korean Peninsula changed to confused; Gaisuwen killed the king of the Goguryeo and controled this country.In the next year, PaekChe and Goguryeo allianced and invaded Shilla together.At the same time,the conflicts between the Goguryeo and japan eased through PaekChe’s try. So Shilla had to turn to Tang Dynasty for help and Tang Dynasty also wanted to disorganize the alliance between PaekChe、Goguryeo and Japan by supporting Shilla.In 655, PaekChe、Goguryeo and Malgal invaded Shilla.The poor country asked Tang Dynasty for help.In 660, the emperor of Tang sent general Su DingFang and an army which there were 100000 soldier to Korean Peninsula.The PaekChe died out under the aggression of China and Shilla so the Three Kingdoms was over.The perdition of PaekChe shocked Japan and Goguryeo and the two country had no time to assist PaekChe. The allied armies of Tang Dynasty and Shilla attacked Goguryeo then.when the Tang Dynasty’s army left,the PaekChe wanted to recover this county. Under the leadship of Guishifuxin and Daochen both of who were the generals of former PaekChe. The two generals leaded the resisting force to attack the Chinese army which was manapostanddefending in PaekChe and at the same time,the two generals asked japan and Goguryeo for help.Facing the PaekChe’s recove of movement,the Chinese army manapostanddefended in PaekChe attacked the resisting forces and asked the Chinese govement for support.After a while,the Chinese army in PaekChe gained the advantage.In 663,the allied armies of Tang Dynasty and Shilla beat the the allied armies of Japan and Goguryeo in the river of Baekgang.In this campaign, the allied armies of Tang Dynasty and Shilla won and the other side lose the bell.The resisting forces of PaekChe fallofanempired so they lost the hope of recovering the country.Battle of Baekgang has significant historic interest for the countries in East Asia.It was the symbol of changing of the rule in international relations.After the campaign, Goguryeo was perished and the Three Kingdoms in the Korean Peninsula was over. Tang Dynasty gained the main leadership right in this area. After the campaign, Shilla was able to unify the Korean Peninsula. After the campaign,Japan had to return the rule of Tang Dynasty and reform itself.

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