The Research of the Thought of Zhuxi’s Social Order

Title The Research of the Thought of Zhuxi’s Social Order

Social order has always been concerned as the purport of sociologist. Whether structural functionalism or Social control theory, or Social conflict theory, they have highlighted the concern of the social order. Zhen Hangsheng think sociology is a comprehensive specific social science which pursues the social benign operation and coordinated development conditions and mechanisms. His theory shows the practical significance of sociology is committed to the healthy function of society and harmonious development, whereas its goal is still a stable social order.Zhuxi’s Philosophy, meaning the school of moral rhetoric is relative to Tang exegesis. However, through the sociological perspective, we can find that Zhuxi’s social ideas is more about social control or ethical control theory. Such a sense of social control is committed to the purpose of Confucian ideal. So I went with the perspective of the social order to the interpretation of Zhuxi’s thought.The thesis is divided into five sections. In the first chapter, it begins with Zhuxi’s time and personal experience which are the conditions of his thought. In the second chapter, I introduce the theoretical foundation of Zhuxi’s social order thought. Zhuxi’s thought unanimously recognized as the integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.Next I selected the criteria for social action to explain the thought of his social order, which is more in line with sociological perspective. In this chapter, I would from the family order, political order, and gender order to explain the thought of Zhuxi. Family plays a prominent role of political life in traditional society. Confucian pays attention to regulating the family and then the country. The stability of the Family affects the order of the political order. Political order of the social order is the most essential. The relation between the sexes is also important to Zhuxi. The noble and humble distinct gender relations which Zhuxi is taken for granted. In the fourth chapter, I focus on the performance of social disorder, the causes of social disorder, and the solutions of the social disorder to find the ideas of Zhu Xi’s. Social disorder from the traditional sociological perspective is lack of the norms in social life and therefore the society can not play the role of effective regulation, and result the confusion of social behavior. So for a social disorder, Zhu Xi also thinks that the social disorder is due to the norms which were not well observed by members of society. Zhu Xi first prosecutes the fact though the human desire, but he also targets the emperor, but not the monarchism. Zhuxi think that it takes control of the society from effecting the emperor and highlighting the Confucianism thought.Through the reading of Zhuxi’s social order thought, we find the most prominent contribution of his thought is strengthening the ethical control in the late feudal society. At the end of the thesis, I analyzes on the inherent connection between the ethical control and the traditional society. Also I discuss how the thought of Zhuxi’s social order has an effect on the traditional society. Besides, we know that in the transformation of contemporary, the society faces a range of issues of social anomie. From Zhuxi’s thought, we can get and discover some useful inspiration and also the limitation of his ideas.

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