Search and Analyze the Decline Reason of Manchu Shamanism

Title Search and Analyze the Decline Reason of Manchu Shamanism

Manchu is a long history hard-working and brave nationality, she was to open up our vast territory, creating the motherland and splendid cultures have had outstanding contribution. The Manchu Shamanism has a long history, it is accompanied by the development and transformation of this nation, formed in long years, has been the most complete, most typical shaman culture, has always been an important subject of the Shamanism research area. Along With the establishment and consolidation of the Qing regime, the Manchu society had the fierce changes, Manchu Shamanism also experienced extraordinary evolution course. This article based on the history angle, integrated use of multi-disciplinary theory and method, explores the Manchu and the bloods and Shamanism’s relations, analyzes the influence of Shamanism to the Manchu groups and even the entire Manchu society, simultaneously analyzed and summarized the decline reasons of Shamanism in Manchu society, through these studies, fully reveals the true face of Manchu shamanism, believed this exploration, both in the field of Shamanism or Manchu history will have some groundbreaking.This article altogether constitutes by four parts.The first part, mainly introduced the research survey of Shamanism both at home and abroad, the research significance and research methods of this paper and so on.The second part has researched the historical evolution of Manchu Shamanism, the Manchu Shamanism is divided into two stages: the Manchu ancestors and the Manchu nationality. discussed the Shamanism and it’s evolution characteristic in each stage: Xiao Shen, Yi Lou, Wu ji, Mo he, Nv Zhen and after Nv Zhen unifies as the Manchu nationality, one by one. And has carried on the detailed explanation, from which, has manifested the development and the change of Shamanism in ethnic groups of the Manchu, has made the essential theory upholstery for the later research.The third part is the reasons for the decline of Manchu shamanism, which is the weak link in previous studies, is also the key point and the difficulty of this article. After the Manchu nationality entered the area inside the Great Wall, along with the unceasing quickening feudalization advancement of Manchu nationality society, the relationships of Shamanism with the feudal culture and the feudal centralization rule were can not reconcile ,increasingly obvious, thus determines the irreversibility to the decline fate. In this part, from several aspects of the fundamental changes of the living environment, the need of the development of Economic, the rapid spread of Buddhism and Lamaism, and the influence of the advanced culture of the Han Nationality, as well as the own reason of Shamanism and so on, systems analysis and summarizes the declining reason of Manchu Shamanism in the Manchu society, reveals the decline of the Manchu Shamanism is the inevitable result of the development of Manchu Social, also it is a in exorable law for the primitive religion will gradually die out with the Social development .The fourth part, with changing times, Manchu nationality was giving up the old Shamanism belief gradually, but Shamanism has not withered away, after evolution, it becomes the organic composition part of the traditional culture and still influencing their thoughts and behavior, it was to be a Shamanism Complex and difficult to be given up. Shamanism is the few remains of the original culture left in the modern civilized world, we should perform to protect and the development.

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